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Memphis Carpet Repair & Cleaning

Pet Damage

Pet Damage

We know how loveable your family pets are. We also know they tend to be destructive on your floors! Some common issues with household pets include: open seams, ripples, bald spots and many other types of damage. Memphis Carpet Repair has the experience to fix anything your pet can throw at us.

Open Seam

Seam Repair

Most people have seams in their carpet that can be dangerous. It could be something small like a fray or a bigger problem like a lift. Whatever the case might be, the professionals at Memphis Carpet Repair can handle it.

Burn Mark

Burn Marks

These kinds of marks can be unsightly and could be caused by many reasons. Despite how they appeared our technicians can make them disappear. Replacing carpet is very expensive so don’t replace it... Repair it! Call Memphis Carpet Repair today for a free phone quote!


Discolorations & Red Stains

The typical house with pets, kids or both knows about these very well. Most customers are surprised at how many stains are repairable. We have repaired stains from dye, food, drinks and even paint! Before you think they can’t be repaired call the pros from Memphis Carpet Repair.

Carpet Ripples

Carpet Ripples

Unprofessional installation and high temperatures are the two most typical reasons for ripples to develop in your carpet. Leaving the internal temperature of your home above 85 degrees may cause this. These ripples are unsightly as well as a big tripping hazard. Memphis Carpet Repair technicians are able to re-stretch your carpet back to its former look. When you are ready to have them flattened give us a ring..

Bleached Spots

Bleached Spots

Bleached areas are so common today, that it is near impossible to discover a home without one. Most people feel that these areas are non-repairable, Memphis Carpet Repair has the answer you have been searching for!

Water Damage

Water Damage

Water in a large amount does not mix well with carpet, however this problem is much more common than you might think. Flood damage may occur from any number of events such as leaking water heaters or dripping ceilings. Water creates a few major issues such as: Loosening tack strips, separated glue or worst of all the possibility of mold. If you are currently experiencing water damaged carpet please do not wait to contact Memphis Carpet Repair for help.

Berber Snags

Berber Snags

Berber snags are caused by many accidents including vacuuming, moving furniture, or maybe the damage is caused by your pet! The technicians at Memphis Carpet Repair have the experience and tools to repair your Berber snag and get your carpet looking new again.

Commercial Glue-down

Carpet Patch

It is common to hear customers refer to replacement sections as "patches". However the correct term that is used in the industry is "permanent section". We use donor carpet to permanently attach a new piece to your current carpet. Typically customers have extra carpet lying around in a garage or attic from the previous install. These pieces become great donor sections because they match exactly. If do not have any remnant sections we can cut a piece from a closet and use this for the repair work. Using a Technician that is experienced really makes all the difference in the world. Call us today for a free phone estimate!

Carpet Transition

Carpet To Tile or Wood Floor

Maybe you have installed some new flooring yourself or maybe the old transitions have began to pull apart from heavy traffic. Regardless of the reason the Carpet Repair Specialist’s here at Memphis Carpet Repair can install a new tack strip and stretch your carpet to give it that finished look your dream flooring project needs.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Memphis Carpet Repair and Cleaning always uses a certified Technician with years of experience. We use the hot water extraction method which is one of the most recommended techniques by carpet manufacturers. We also offer Upholstery cleaning. Tile and Grout service is coming soon.


Cordova Bleach Spot Dye

Cordova Bleach Spot Memphis Carpet Repair & Cleaning was called out to a rental property in Cordova.  The tenants had spilled bleach on the carpet and the homeowner was afraid it was going to have to be replaced.  We were able to dye the bleach spot saving them thousands on the cost of replacing the carpet. Read more of this article

Germantown, Tn Pet Damage Repair

Germantown, Tn Carpet Pet Damage Memphis Carpet Repair & Cleaning was called out to Germantown, Tn to repair an area of carpet that was chewed up by the family dog.  The repair came out great, like it never happened.   Read more of this article

Bartlett New Carpet Install

This customer was reffered to Memphis Carpet Repair & Cleaning by one of our previous clients.  Their carpet was trashed by renters so we were called in to install new carpet.  The new carpet looks great and now the house is ready to sell. Read more of this article

Staircase Cleaning

Memphis Carpet Dirty Stairs Memphis Carpet Repair & Cleaning was called out to re-clean the staircase in this customers home.  The previous owner hired an inexperienced carpet cleaner and the results were horrendous leaving tracks from where they missed.  We came out and cleaned the carpet up leaving no trace of the previous carpet cleaners poor workmanship. Read more of this article

Memphis Carpet Cleaning & Red Stain Removal

Memphis Bedroom Carpet 2 Dirty Memphis Carpet Repair & Cleaning was called out to clean the carpets in this home and remove several red stains.  This was a rental property and the tenants were evicted and left the carpets a mess.  The owner was afraid he would have to replace the two year old carpet.  We were able to remove […] Read more of this article

Cordova Red Stain Removal

Cordova Red Carpet Stain This customer was moving out of her apartment and had a red stain in the carpet.  The stain had been there for more than a year and she was sure we wouldn’t be able to remove it chemically.  She called Memphis Carpet Repair & Cleaning to see if we had a solution.  After 15 minutes […] Read more of this article

Blood Stain Removal

Memphis Carpet Blood Stain Memphis Carpet Repair & Cleaning was called out to this Memphis home to clean an area of carpet where the family dog got sick and threw up blood.  She first attempted to try some home remedies and then called a company to attempt to steam clean the stain with no success.  The homeowner was sure that the […] Read more of this article

Brighton, Tn Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Brighton, Tn Bedroom Carpet Dirty This customer originally called Memphis Carpet Repair & Cleaning to replace the carpet in his master bedroom because he thought it couldn’t be cleaned.  The before picture is after he had the carpet steam cleaned and as you can see, they could not clean out the traffic pattern.  Upon inspection, I told the homeowner about […] Read more of this article

Collierville, Tn Carpet Re-Stretch & Clean

Collierville, Tn Hallway Carpet Ripples This homeowner was getting ready to put his home on the market and was afraid he would have to replace the carpet due to the nasty ripples.  He found Memphis Carpet Repair & Cleaning on Angie’s List and called to see if we could help.  We came out and upon inspection, assured the homeowner that […] Read more of this article

Germantown, Tn Stain Removal

Germantown, Tn Blood Stain This home owner called Memphis Carpet Repair to patch a stained area of carpet that she was for certain could not be cleaned.  She had tried everything from 2o bottles of hydrogen peroxide to steam cleaning.  Upon arrival we decided to spot test an area with our special low moisture cleaning agent to see if […] Read more of this article

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