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Seam Repair

Are you worried about the seam damage to your carpet? Don’t be! Seam damage is a common issue for aging carpet. After years of foot traffic and general wear and tear, seams will fail. We recommend repairing seam damage as soon as you possible…

Pet Damage Repair

Our pets become a member of the family. However, despite how close they become they sometimes create problems by destroying your carpet. Pet damage does not require you to replace your flooring! In most cases the damage is repairable.

Carpet Cleaning

Has your carpet been cleaned recently? If not, your carpet could be teeming with allergens such pet dander, pollen, and dust mites. Many of these contaminants are known to trigger asthma attacks for people with sensitive airways.

Burn Marks

Carpet burns are a common problem area for many homes. The truth is, there are so many heat sources that an incident is bound to happen. We have seen everything from chemical burns to cigarette burns and curling irons left on to snake warming lamps left on the floor.

Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching is an integral part of installation and re-installation. A lot of our clients ask how or why does their carpet buckle and form wrinkles. For that scenario there are several answers but the most common reason for a carpet needing to be re-stretched is poor installation.

Berber Snags

Berber snags are a common issue. They are caused by vacuum cleaners. moving a piece of furniture, or you dog or can catching claw or nail in the Berber carpet row. We have the experience and tools to repair your Berber snag and get your capet looking like new

Water Damaged

Not many things can ruin your day faster than walking into your house and finding a room soaked! We have been called out for popped waterbeds to overflowed bathtubs and everything in between.